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DigiBird video wall controllers are appliance-based video wall processors and built on a proprietary FPGA-based hardware platform, designed with a proprietary system controller (with dedicated processor), high speed crosspoint video bus and a customized and embedded operating system. DigiBird systems also combine centralized and distributed processing architectures, meaning that the remote input sources can be connected to the DigiBird video wall controller. This is done through IP decoder cards and the DigiBird encoders that stream media content over a network.

Grow with Starin

In this episode of AV MeetUp Clay and Neal talk about why Starin is more than just a warehouse of hardware available for purchase. They talk about how Starin is your long-term partner for growth.

AV MeetUp Coffee Break. Putting Sound Where People Are

In this episode of Starin’s AV MeetUp Coffee Break, Clay and Neal discuss how to put sound where the people are without having to install a line array. 

AV MeetUp Coffee Break. Tech Creates Opportunities for Safer Schools

Learn how to upgrade mass notification systems for schools and universities with Advanced Network Devices over the existing IP infrasturcture

AV MeetUp Coffee Break. Clay and Neal Look at the Future of AV in 2017

Let’s take a look at what the future of Pro AV might hold for us in 2017. Clay and neal take a look at emerging technologies and trends for the upcoming year and make some bold predictions about the future of Pro AV in 2017

AV MeetUp Coffee Break. Are You Missing Opportunities in Conference Rooms and Board Rooms?

Find out everything you need to know about the gear needed to create the perfect audio and video solution for conference rooms, boardrooms, and collaborative workspace environments.

AV MeetUp Coffee Break. DataPath Wall Designer – Touch the Future

Have you seen the trending growth in demand for video walls? Learn how the barrier to this technology has been breached with high performance video wall processors and design software.

AV MeetUp Coffee Break. Collaborative Tools for the Education Market.

Learn about a new comprehensive solution that addresses the digital classroom and the future of collaborative learning in the education market.

AV MeetUp Coffee Break. In 20 Minutes We’ll Show You How to Bring Amplified Sound Anywhere.

In just 20 minutes Clay and Neal will show you how to bring amplified audio to any location with Mipro portable PA systems.

AV MeetUp Coffee Break. Pixelscape Collaboration Walls – Touch the Future.

Clay and Neal talk about creating interactive video walls using Pixelscape hardware and software. A solution that allows you to turn any large scale display into an interactive video wall.

Find out what’s new with ClearOne. Find out how your input influenced ClearOne and helped to create a better product and experience for you and your customers.

Clay Stahlka gives you the lowdown on the JVC GY-LS300, a video camera that offers 4K shooting, interchangeable lenses Wireless connectivity and so much more in a compact easy to handle form factor.

Clay and Neal take 20 minutes to show you the latest in cost-effective digital signage solutions. Learn how to present an exciting and affordable solution that will change the way your customers communicate their message in small business, schools, and houses of worship.

Clay and Neal break down the mysteries of constant voltage distributed sound systems for everything for houses of worship, sports bars, large arena, classroom, events spaces, and so much more. Get the information you need to design and install constant voltage distributed sound.