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Why it Matters Finding the Right Zoom Room Hardware

Why it Matters: Finding the Right Zoom Room Hardware

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You, your boss, or your clients have invested in the experience of Zoom Rooms. Providing a standardized platform to make communications better every day was the goal. The logistics of choosing, installing and servicing your Zoom Room Hardware is not always as simple though. Delays, deployments and design planning can rob you of time to immediately realize the benefits of the investment.  

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What is the solution to provide immediate results when you step out of the software decision and need to implement that hardware? 

Zoom has standards for hardware. These standards are to make sure that in any Zoom Room you have a consistent and quality experience without hassles. Within those standards of hardware though are some tough decisions to decide on getting just the right selection of product to meet the needs of the room and project as a whole. One bad choice, missing piece or a non-approved product can cause costly delays or ruin the experience 

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Pro AV Outfitting from Starin is a service that addresses this precise problem head-on and eliminates all of the guesswork. 

We have brought all of these products together in tested fashion to make sure that your rooms are designed and installed faster than ever before. Pro AV outfitters offer standard Huddle and Conference room packages that are ready for Deploying on demand?  

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Is your room 2-5 or 3-7 people?  

PC or Mac preferred 

From there, it is just a matter how many rooms of each do you need. These systems are pre-designed and include everything from the Video audio and control, down to the cable routing and hardware to mount. 

Once a decision is made for your software from Zoom, you can have the hardware solution on its way to the site, the next day. One room or a hundred, you can be ready to install. 

These systems take the complexity out of design and install and get you to your goal faster than anyone else. 

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Each package delivers  complete assurance for your project by providing: 

  • Components boxed and packaged together for easy install and verification 

  • No missing parts or materials to finish. 

  • Ready to Plug and Play with your existing display 

  • Instruction manual included 

  • Installation time of well under an hour, even without previous experience. 

  • Ready for Deployment on Demand 

You can deliver a better communications experience for all with peace of mind. 

Ready to experience Deployment on Demand? Request our HUDPC or CONFPC systems today for your next project, and we assure your results! 

Starin’s Try It To Like


Starin’s Try It To Like it program allows you to try a specific product risk free for 30 days. If you like it, keep it and Starin will send you an invoice for the product you have. If you don’t like it, send it back to Starin. This allows you, to try a product and see if it works for you and your customers.


Try It to Like It from Starin

Starin’s Try It To Like it program allows your customer to try a product for FREE for 30 days. If they like it, keep it and Starin will send you an invoice for the product. If they don’t like it, send it back to Starin at no cost (except for shipping charges). This allows your customer to try it and see if it works for them, at no obligation. 

Starin Try It To Like It Program

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