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The Meeting Owl

360 Degree Camera Re-Invents Meeting Dynamics

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Whether you’re huddling up or calling in, the Meeting Owl makes your meetings better. 

You may have heard the old adage that 93% of all communication is nonverbal; that the words used rarely say as much as the tone of voice and body language of the person saying them.  This is why video conferencing has become a staple of corporate communication, both between locations and for remote workers calling in.  It allows meeting participants to not only exchange words, but also to gauge the speakers’ body language and demeanor. 

In most video conferencing setups, however, the cameras and video conferencing software focus on the person speaking first and foremost.  This allows all the participants to see the speaker, but for the remote participants, they are unable to see anyone else in the room.  The remote attendee can see and hear the active speaker but is unable to see the other participants at the same time to evaluate their reactions based on that commentary. Who you hear is who you see… and no one else. 

That is unless you have the Meeting Owl; the all in one video conferencing system that includes a 360-degree camera, beamforming microphones with echo cancellation, and a powered speaker, integrated into a sleek, table-top package. 

The Meeting Owl utilizes a 360-degree camera to capture a view of everyone sitting at the table.  This 360-degree panorama stays anchored to the top of the video frame so that even when the active speaker takes center stage on the screen, remote participants can still look “around the room” and see others as well.  This means that when the VP of Sales make a comment about the year’s revenues, the CEO, participating remotely, can also see the face of the CFO sitting at the table and gauge their reaction to the data.  Now remote participants can benefit from seeing everyone at the table, all the time. 

The beamforming microphone array not only picks up audio from all directions but also helps to isolate the person speaking, allowing the Meeting Owl’s software to zoom in on the active speaker and place them in the primary window below the 360 panorama.  The software can also split the primary window to show close-ups of multiple participants having a back and forth conversation, giving remote participants a more natural view of real-time conversations, without hard cuts between camera shots. 

Finally, the integrated speaker allows remote attendees to be heard just as if they were sitting at the table, and echo canceling software means that participants won’t be distracted by annoying feedback noise.   

The Meeting Owl not only brings remote participants into the room, but it also brings the whole room to them as well.  It’s the next best thing to actually sitting at the table. 

So, is the Meeting Owl just another “me too” video conferencing system?  Or is it more like a table-top teleportation device? 


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