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Software Conferencing, Hardcore Audio - Yamaha Zoom Bundles 

Software Conferencing, Hardcore Audio - Yamaha Zoom Bundles 

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Yamaha’s audio heritage is well known. So when building your next Zoom Room, why wouldn’t Yamaha be the perfect partner to help take the audio in your video conference up to the next level?

In the huddle room, space is at a premium.  Solutions need to be compact and tactical.  Yamaha tackles the huddle room with their all-in-one, wall-mounted Audio Video bar, the CS-700.  The Yamaha CS-700 combines a 120 degree, a 1080p camera with a beamforming microphone array to capture both audio and video and plays back audio from the far end of the call using the 4 integrated speaker elements.  It utilizes onboard acoustic echo canceling (AEC) software to mitigate feedback, assuring participants are all heard just as they would be if they were sitting in the room together.  A single USB connection connects the components to the Zoom Room, enrolling the camera, microphone, and speaker components for your meetings.  Combining the CS-700 with a touchscreen controller and an optimized Dell PC, the ZRPCCS700 Zoom Room bundle brings high-quality audio and video capture and playback to all of your huddle rooms.

All-in-one isn’t always “one size fits all”.  Many times the shape, layout, or construction of your huddle room makes capturing audio tricky, and that means getting the microphone elements closer to the people speaking.  Enter the UC-500 Conference Phone, a tabletop speakerphone powerhouse with 360-degree audio pick up.  The 4 integrated directional microphone elements each utilize individual AEC, assuring each microphone channel is balanced individually, maximizing sound quality.  The powered speaker elements include tweeters and mid-woofers to reproduce high fidelity audio, and the full duplex nature of the system means that if someone on the near and far ends speak simultaneously, they will both be heard just as they would if they were in the room together. A single USB connection makes this an intuitive addition to any Zoom Room.  Teaming the Yamaha UC-500 up with a Logitech HD 930E 1080p camera, a touchscreen controller, and an optimized Dell PC creates the ZRHuddleYASLite bundle, a one box solution for those potentially more difficult Huddle Room applications.

Although companies are meeting more and more in Huddle spaces, the traditional conference room is alive and well.  Larger tables with more chairs mean that participants sit at varying distances from the center making a traditional, single speakerphone in the middle of the table less than ideal.  The Yamaha YVC-1000 is built for these spaces. It utilizes a separate speaker array and microphone combination that allows the microphone to be placed closer to the meeting participants.  Up to five individual microphone units can be daisy chained in the system allowing every participant to be within pick up range while speaking at natural, conversational levels.  A second speaker array can even be added to fill the room with high-quality audio.  AEC and Human Voice Activity Detection software minimize feedback and unwanted noise assuring the best meeting experience possible, and with USB and Bluetooth connectivity and one button room optimization, set up is a breeze.  The ZRCONFYVC1000 bundle includes a Logitech HD 930E 1080p camera, a touchscreen controller, and an optimized Dell PC, completing your Zoom Room with one easy to order SKU.

So whether your Zoom meeting is a basic huddle, a complex meet up, or a full blown conference, our Yamaha Zoom Room bundles take audio and video to the next level.

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