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Synergy Center is about Education and Community. Whether you are a seasoned integrator, IT professional, worship director, or are responsible for creating an experience with technology in any manner, this is about learning and sharing. Here you can find resources to help you on your journey and ask questions to get real world feedback. Find out more about Synergy Center here.
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Our business with Starin has increased dramatically in the past several years. Their service is outstanding. Return emails and phone calls are always prompt. Creating relationships is so important for business in the 21st century and this is a real challenge with many AV distributors. Not so with Starin. They have invested in quality internal people [Chase Bernhardt], that are interested in more than just taking our order, as well as employees [Greg Mack] that will visit our office and offer product demo’s and staff training as needed. We can only support and service our customers, as well as the manufacturers and distributors, support us and Starin understands the importance of this process in the sales cycle Scott Wright

President and Co-Owner, Lifeline Audio Video

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Check out Barco’s Unisee video wall system in this demonstration from the

Starin event that took place on November 14th in Indianapolis.

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Clay’s Corner Digibird Video Wall Controllers Part One

Clay Stahlka CTS-D Many of you have probably heard about Digibird. You may have already discussed it amongst your selves. I’m quite sure the some of you have already been approached by customers. So, I want to tell you about Digibird, and help you understand their...

3 Steps to Better Design for Mass Notification, Paging and Clocks for Any School.

Bobby Swartz CTS Safety in schools is always about communications and planning. A School Paging system is critical, but a boring system that is always present. Along with that are the clocks, and in most cases a “want or need” for true mass or visual notification,...

50 Things Remote Workers Can Do

The folks at Owl Labs know that working remotely can be a challenge, and that is why they invented the Meeting OWL. They also know that there are certain things that remote workers can do, that office workers can't. Below is a list of 50 items that all remote workers...

Dial The Sound In With This Choir Mic From CAD

If you do any kind of House of Worship production you have probably run into an issue with stage noise at some point in time especially if you are using a choir mic set up that has a wider pickup pattern. The over bleed can be anything from the minister talking to...

When to use EVA as the Best Church Line Array.

What is the best church line array system? That question can be answered in a number of ways. Anyone who tells you that "This is the best" without knowing the absolute needs of the facility does not understand audio. However, there is a way to cut through the options...

JVC PTZ Cameras. The Smart Choice for Houses of Worship.

For years I was a Canon guy. I had my 5D Mk II and bag full of lenses and accessories. I had other cameras gear from different brands but Canon was my go to hardware, and I expounded on how amazing it was every chance I got. Then, my house was broken...
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