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Case Study: Take Video Conferencing on the Road

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Logitech DTEN Zoom Case Study Video

Logitech Zoom DTEN Case Study Video Summary

Zoom is a leading software platform for enterprise video and audio conferencing, online meetings and mobile collaboration. Anthony Lee, an account executive for Zoom, uses Logitech MeetUp and GROUP to host video meetings while on the road.

Switching to a Logitech-enabled Zoom Room has made it easy for Lee to collaborate with clients, no matter where he is located. With complete hardware and software solutions that are expertly engineered to fit together, starting a video meeting is as simple as plugging in the device and “knowing it’s going to work.”

Find out how Lee uses Logitech and DTEN collaboration tools to achieve better work-life balance and feel like he is getting “three times as much work done remotely.”

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