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I’m A Meeting Owl Fan Girl

Those who know me, know that for me to claim “Fan Girl” of a new product and team is something not often heard.  I’m shall we say, “seasoned”, and have had an opportunity to see a lot of technology come and go over the years.  Sadly, today it’s rare to find a new...

Make it Simple. Find The Right Ceiling Speaker.

How do you choose the "Right" ceiling speaker for your room or project? There is a seemingly never-ending selection of product on the market from a host of brands. But at the end of the day, it comes down to the staples of installation, reliability, and quality for...

How to Have Better Meetings With These 3 Tech Hacks.

Technology cannot make better meetings if it is not simple to use, or gets in the way and distracts. Here we will cut through marketing speak and “feature lists” and look at three specific applications that you can use immediately. Chances are, you have “wished for...