Altia Panacast
Look Them In The Eye
PanaCast 2 in Hand

Unlike many conference and PTZ cameras, the PanaCast 2® is designed to be positioned at eye level in your huddle space or conference room. This means the person on the other end is no longer looking up at everyone and can look them in the eye, and feel more engaged in the meeting and collaborative process. By using the tabletop stand or wall mount, you can perfectly position the camera to meet the end users needs.

The PanaCast 2® camera from Altia is a small, discrete, portable video conference camera with an 180-degree field of view making it ideal for smaller conference rooms and huddle spaces where you need to see everyone on the call.

End Your Buyer’s Remorse by Future Proofing

Your Conference Rooms with this Intelligent Camera

Have you ever purchased a product only to turn around and find out the manufacturer released a new version a week or two later? You can put that fear to rest with this new intelligent camera system, you can choose to install the applications and new technologies as they are released, keeping your system up to date without having to replace the hardware.

PanaCast 2

Unlike most video conferencing, or web-cameras PanaCast 2® delivers an 180º wide by 54º tall panoramic video stream and high-fidelity stereo audio.

With its ultra-wide field of view and Panoramic-4K resolution, PanaCast 2® delivers exceptionally clear video with a natural human visual perspective delivered in real-time.

The PanaCast 2® camera works by blending three 4K resolution images in real time into a single 180-degree image.

And it’s easy to use thanks to the plug and play USB interface. There is no need to call the IT department, just plug it in and you are good to go in your conference room or huddlespace.

The PanaCast 2® also features “Intelligent Zoom” functionality that automatically detects the number of people in the room, adjusting the field of view to zoom in or out as needed. Thanks to the 4K resolution of the cameras, that zoom is lossless maintaining the highest video quality possible. Watch the video below to see the “Intelligent Zoom” functionality in action.

Field of View

Because of its diminutive size, the PanaCast 2® is truly a go anywhere camera and not limited to a huddlespace or a conference room. The portability of this camera combined with the plug and play connectivity of USB 2.0/3.0 means you can use it anywhere you have an internet connection. Imagine tossing the PanaCast 2® in your laptop bag and taking it with you to any remote location, or having your next conference outdoors, or on a job site where you need to connect with partners in remote locations.

PanaCast 2® Works with all of your favorite conferencing applications. Zoom, Skype, Skype for Business, Vydio, WebEx, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Citrix GoToMeeting, BluJeans, and more thanks to its compatibility with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

PanaCast 2

Use the PanaCast 2® Panoramic-4K video camera to build a huddle room video collaboration solution that delivers a more immersive experience with higher productivity than other cameras can.

This easy to set-up and use solution consists of the PanaCast 2® Video Camera, a Mini PC or Mac Mini, wireless keyboard and a USB Speakerphone, in addition to the video display already in the huddle room.

The components listed below have been chosen and tested to work together seamlessly. Take a building block approach and put together the huddle room that is best suited to your particular needs.

The PanaCast 2® huddle room solution works with all the popular video collaboration solutions. Use the recommended meeting room access management software to enable easy “one click” meeting start while providing a secure room resource lock-down to keep your confidential data safe.

Conference Room

PanaCast Whiteboard Keeps Whiteboard Sharing Simple

PanaCast Whiteboard is a computer vision software for the PanaCast 2® camera system that keeps whiteboard sharing simple during the video collaboration sessions. It improves image quality and corrects distortion of the whiteboard image, and presents to third-party video conferencing applications as a virtual camera.

The software allows you to deliver the PanaCast panoramic camera view while sharing whiteboard content, letting remote participants view the entire room while simultaneously focusing on the shared whiteboard content. The solution enhances communication experience and improves participant engagement.

PanaCast 2® Specs and Technical Information

  • Panoramic-4k: 3840 x 1088; 4.15 MP YUV 4:2:2, MJPEG
  • HD: 1920 x 1088; 2.1 MP YUV 4:2:2, MJPEG
  • ~180° (H) x 54° (V) • 188° DFOV
  • Adjustable FOV through UVC PTZ command set
  • Frame rate up to 30fps
  • Latency: <= 5ms
  • 5V Power Jack
  • 0.3m to Infinity – Fixed Focus (each imager)
  • 10 Lux
  • Motion JPEG Built-in
  • Auto 50/60 Hz Detect Built-In
  • Color Controls
  • Status Indicator LEDs Built-in
  • Product Certifications
  • FCC Part 15 Class A (for commercial use only)
  • ROHS, REACH Compliant
  • Plug-and-Play for Windows and Mac applications
  • Supports USB Video Class (UVC) Driver
  • USB 2.0/3.0
  • Windows 7,8,8.1 or later
  • Mac OS X 10.9 or later
  • Weight: 125g
  • Width: 60 mm
  • Height: 25 mm
  • Length: 74 mm
  • Operating Temperature: 0° C – 40° C
  • Operating Humidity: 15%-85% (Non-Condensing)
  • PanaCast® 2 Camera
  • Table Stand/Wall Mount
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • Power Adapter