How Meeting Owl Grows Your Deal Size - eBook

How Meeting Owl Grows Your Deal Size | eBook

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The workforce has changed and so have your clients needs. In this free eBook learn how you can expand your Huddle Space market share with Meeting Owl from Owl Labs. This eBook is filled with information on how remote workers interact with other team members, how the workforce is changing and how you can help your clients update their technology to match today’s collaborative workforce

Integrators are a highly refined group of AV/IT professionals who pride themselves on turning ideas into reality, problems into solutions, and empty spaces into productive workplaces. There are three key opportunities that the best integrators understand and are taking advantage of now:

1. Remote and flexible work is changing the workplace. Today employees can work from anywhere. That means the most successful office spaces must have a place for impromptu video meeting around every corner.

2. Companies are adapting their offices to react to this trend. Today there are between 30 and 50 million huddle rooms across US offices.

3. Only 10% percent of huddle rooms have been built out, which means there are between 27 and 45 million rooms available for new equipment. You can use these huddle spaces to make your most lucrative deals. Fun fact — for every 100 employees, there is likely five huddle rooms. That means a company with 1,000 employees might have 50 rooms that need your solution. Also, there are a lot of pieces that go into creating a properly equipped huddle room for today’s collaboration. You need a monitor, video conferencing software provider, computer, furniture, lighting, cabling — and of course a Meeting Owl for each room.

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