Great School Audio. No Installation Required!

Great School Audio - No Installation Required!

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Schools have many audio

Schools have many audio needs which become apparent during this Back to School season which highlights new needs and problems. Suddenly there is a surge of last minutes needs coming in.

When the needs focus on technology and getting something fixed immediately, how do you help navigate what can be complex solutions to deliver to meet these shortened timelines?

A commonly overlooked, until the last minute, area of technology is audio. Audio helps increase student achievement, decrease student behavior problems, and improve teacher quality of life. While most schools focus only on the needs of the classroom, there are many other areas of the school that can benefit from an improved audio experience. The secret is finding out where those opportunities lie and helping the customer see the same vision. Sometimes it takes someone who has lived in that world to help identify where those gaps are.

Audio systems can be magic. How they work and go together, can take time to develop the right system that addresses the needs. Is it possible to have simple solutions that can ship immediately and take little to no setup time? Products that are self-explanatory to what needs and uses they have in education?

It certainly is, and just in time for this last minute school season. MIPRO has new products that are specifically targeted to meet those hidden needs of the school environment. Building from the brand promise of quality, portability, and affordability, these new offerings pack a lot of power and reliability for your anywhere audio needs while not draining the budgets of your school. Building from the knowledge of the various school settings that Starin understands, it puts you in the driver’s seat to highlight the customer’s needs effectively.

For the Administrator –

For the Administrator – The Office Buddy is the school Administrator’s best friend. Small enough to keep locked in a filing cabinet, this lightweight system gives the Principal or Administrator enough portability and power to easily be heard over the crowd in whatever situation they encounter. Designed for smaller groups, the Office Buddy shines when it’s used for Emergency Drills, Bus Duty, Cafeteria/Recess, or any other impromptu setting where you need your voice to be heard. The Office Buddy comes complete with an emergency tone generator to capture people’s attention, a comfortable shoulder strap for excellent mobility, a wireless handheld microphone, as well as a tripod for mounting if needed.

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School Gatherings – The

School Gatherings – The School Assembly is a building-wide, portable amplification system every school needs.  Providing everything you need for high-powered, easy to use audio regardless of whether you are indoors or outside. This system is fantastic for use at Field Day, Talent Shows, Marching Bands, Auditoriums, Sports Events, you name it! With an integrated CD Player and built-in Bluetooth connectivity, music sounds just as great as your speaking will. The School Assembly unit comes complete with a storage cover, height adjustable tripod, and one wireless handheld microphone (expandable up to four). Schools can quickly take this system anywhere with the telescoping handle and built-in wheels, so whether in the Gym, Auditorium, Cafeteria or at an outdoor event, the School Assembly is the one-stop solution.

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For the Classroom – The ClassMascot

For the Classroom – The Class Mascot is perfect for the
Classroom or any instructional area. Packaged with two
microphones and receivers, this will allow for Guest
Speakers and Presenters to get their message across
while choosing to be hands-free for demonstration
purposes or co-teaching. The carrying handle lets
users position the Class Mascot in the most optimal
location in your space, while the ability to use Bluetooth
or plugging in your 3.5mm audio device (MP3, iPod, CD player)
allows for both your voice, and the instructional material to
all be heard clearly by the entire class.

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Marching Band or Large-Scale

Marching Band or Large-Scale – The Field Master is designed for large events where the customer needs to have multiple loudspeakers. This system comes with two loudspeakers that are wirelessly connected, allowing users to place the second loudspeaker up to 300 feet away from the first. Designed to allow for better sound coverage, this allows for both the home and visiting bleachers to hear your game announcements. It also allows for better sound coverage for your Talent Show, Fundraising Event, and Field Day needs. The Field Master can grow to multiple loudspeakers based on the school's needs, allowing you to scale their sound capabilities without the need for miles of cables. The Field Master System includes two PA Loud Speakers with a Bluetooth CD Player, one wireless handheld microphone (expandable up to four), interlinking transmitter and receiver modules and two tripods.

While every school can

While every school can benefit from at least one of the above systems, many times, they don’t know that products like these exist. You can be the hero and save time by giving them a solution to the problems they didn’t realize existed. Portable. Reliable. Affordable. Now, the schools need to hear the message. To help with that message, please watch the video below which explains how to help you position these high-margin products into your customer’s environment, helping you to help them better.

If you have a need for further product information or would like our help in building a custom system, we can quickly design it for you.

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Dont just take my

Don’t just take my word for it though. See how these systems find and fill the needs themselves. Use the flyer below, we can even help you brand it for yourself and send it to your contacts so they have it available. The most you have to lose is an email. What you have to gain is the trust of your EDU customers for providing them the right options at the right time, with no headache. Watch a short positioning video on the right.

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