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Your Meetings are Highly Interactive, Your Display Should be Too.

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If you’re building out a Zoom Room, you need a few basic elements.  You need a microphone to pick up audio.  You need a camera to capture video.  You need speakers to play back audio. Oh, and you need a display to see the meetings’ content and the people sitting on the other end of the call.

Enter the DTEN D7.  It is a 55” interactive whiteboard with a built-in 4K camera, a 16 element microphone array, sleek speakers, and an optional integrated PC to run all of your Zoom meetings.

Before you dismiss the DTEN D7 as just another interactive whiteboard, let us remind you that not all whiteboards are created equal.

Flexibility Equals Usability.

Other interactive whiteboards may tout similar features to the DTEN D7’s 4K capacitive touchscreen, onboard 4K camera, 16 element microphone array, and integrated speakers.  However, they don’t offer the same flexibility.

Your meeting room may need multiple microphones or microphones with unique coverage patterns or a camera with a different field of view or zoom range.  With the DTEN D7, if the onboard microphone and camera are not a perfect fit for the room, that’s not a problem.  They can be removed and integrated with an existing or alternate microphone and camera systems that may better fit the space.

The Network is a No-Go.

Some interactive whiteboards require the use of an onboard integrated PC.  This means the customer is forced to accept a foreign PC on their network in order to facilitate their conferences.  Many times this isn’t well received, other times it’s not allowed at all.

The DTEN D7 has the option to add an integrated PC if desired, however, it is not required.  The DTEN D7 can connect easily via USB to a PC or laptop already approved and provided by the IT department to offer greater productivity without compromising network security.  The single USB connection connects the microphone(s) and camera to the approved device, as well as providing interactivity and control through the capacitive touch panel.

Open platforms open doors.

The DTEN D7 is completely agnostic when it comes to video teleconferencing platforms.  This means it easily integrates with Zoom, whether it be via a standalone, small form factor computer, a laptop, or the optional integrated PC.  This also means that the DTEN D7 is perfect for blended environments, where companies still have multiple platforms in play.  The DTEN D7 can be added to any of these rooms, providing a consistent technology experience from a hardware perspective, even if the customer is still transitioning from other video conferencing platforms to Zoom.

As you can see the DTEN D7 offers several advantages over other proprietary interactive whiteboards in the market today, making it the perfect platform to compliment your thriving Zoom environments.

When you think about all the things you need to build a Zoom room, the DTEN D7 delivers on all counts.

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