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Clay’s Corner: Video Production Systems for your Church this Christmas Season

Clay’s Corner: Video Production Systems for your Church this Christmas Season

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    A group of us were discussing how to design a simple video production system for a church project. We’re not talking about a big-time production system like you’d find in a mega-church. We’re just considering basic systems that can be used to capture services on video, stream out to the website, or provide compelling live shots for IMAG on the big screen. 


    Every church needs such a basic video production system. They might need to show the services throughout the building, on TVs in the cry-room, narthex or fellowship hall. Lately, I’ve seen quite a few churches collaborate together where services are shared between them, across town or down the block. And, as we approach the Christmas season, many churches want to utilize pre-produced video as a part of their Advent service schedule. Likewise, this becomes even more in-demand as we move toward the spring and the Lent and Easter service schedules. 

    There are few churches these days that don’t need to rely on video as a major part of their services. Just like modern Christian music has made its way into even the most traditional church services, so has video. Handing out audio cassettes to the shut-ins has been replaced with streaming video on their websites. Capturing memorial services and weddings has become important to the church membership. And, being able to play video messages from distant missionaries and church leadership has made the parishioners feel more a part of the church community. All these things contribute to the perceived need of a church to grow their technology, but it also has gone a long way to promote fellowship and generate income from gifts, fundraising, and capital expense drives. Plus, it is, without doubt, an important ingredient in attracting new families into membership. 


    Here, I will show you a few basic system designs that will help any church accomplish these things at a cost they can afford. 

    System as configured above has an MSRP of $12,484.93, not including the PC or Displays.  

    This drawing is a basic system that employs up to three unmanned PTZ cameras. It can be easily operated by a single church volunteer and is meant to provide video to up to four displays or projectors. The best part of this system design is that everything is connected via network cables. There are no fancy video cables, sync boxes or HDMI extenders required here. CAT6a cable can be pulled, or the entire infrastructure can run on any existing gigabit network. This can be especially important in older church buildings where cable pathways are nearly impossible to find. Additionally, if you use rubber-jacketed CATx cable, this kind of system can work well in multipurpose rooms where systems need to be set up and torn down for every service. 

    You certainly don’t need three cameras if the church is small. Two would do. Add in a PC for text, graphics, and pre-recorded videos, and you’ll have everything a small to mid-size church will ever need.

    For example, get 2 PTZ Cameras,  a Laser Projector and Switcher for only $10,061 MSRP

    1 x DU4675Z-BK 

    1 x PT12XSDI 

    1 x PT 20xSDIG2 

    1 x RGBLink M1 

    1 x PTJOYG2 


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    If you would like more information or a custom quote, please fill out the following form and a member of your Starin Team will be in touch shortly. 


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