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Clay's Corner - MissionViewTM LED Displays


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    We’ve been talking about Direct-View LED video walls a lot lately. Thus far, a lion’s share of Pro AV RFQs for Direct-View LED displays have been for use in houses of worship, live performance venues, and sports facilities. 

    Today, I want to help you discover a way to promote an even simpler solution for venues like reception areas, meeting spaces and training rooms. 

    While houses of worship or live performance venues are likely to need the 20-foot or 30-foot wide LED displays, the corporate venues are more likely to be looking for a more standard size video wall that compares closely to alternative LCD tiled video walls. Sometimes, the presence of high ambient lighting makes it tough to use LCD displays. Sunlight from windows and skylights and high-intensity overhead lighting can wash-out the quality of an LCD display wall. This is where we turn to Direct-View LED video walls. 

    Additionally, the complete lack of any seams or bezels is attractive because it provides a real WOW-Factor. There’s a certain human perception of direct-lit LED displays that just doesn’t happen with LCD or projection. The image kind of “pops” right into your eyes. It appears to the viewer as higher brightness and contrast, but it’s really just the direct-light hitting the eyes. That’s what creates that WOW-Factor. 

    We ought not to forget the traditional church in all this as well. While the new modern houses of worship like the huge 30-foot LED display as a backdrop, traditional churches still like the dual 110” displays on either side of the nave. In the past, projectors have always been used. But the morning sun shining through the stained-glass windows was often an image killer. Even with high-lumen projectors, there’s really nothing that you can do to keep ambient light from reflecting back off a projection screen. Again, this is where Direct-View LED video walls come into play. 

    Starin has a complete turnkey solution for all of these applications and venues in-stock now. 

    To get started, we’ll first determine the closest viewing location. I’ve chosen a factor of 3 because I’ve researched the issue with several manufacturers to reach a common understanding that by dividing the closest viewing distance in feet by 3, you find the maximum pixel-pitch in millimeters that you can get away with to realize a good viewing experience for the viewer. 

    Let’s use the traditional church as an example here. They need two display walls, one for either side of the church’s nave. A 110” display will often be a perfect size for these spaces. The front pews might be about 12-feet back from the front walls on either side, so we’ll divide 12 by 3 to get 4mm pixel-pitch. 

    MissionViewTM HDI-3.8-008-004 which is a 3.8mm, 110” diagonal 16:9 Direct-View LED kit. It comes with everything you’ll need to wall-mount the video wall onto the church’s walls. This kit includes the LED panels, power supply, controller, cables and mounting brackets. The only additional item needed is a run of CAT5 cable between the display location and the equipment rack location. Power, of course, must be provided at the display location as well as at the equipment rack. While full installation is not provided, We will send an LED technician on-site to set up the controller and calibrate and commission the video wall. Most any integrator can hang the panels and connect the cables by using the easy-to-understand installation instructions. 

    Now, let’s look at a corporate solution. 

    Let’s say we use a corporate reception area as an example this time. Again, a 110” display wall is perfect for this kind of application. Just to refresh your memory, a 110” diagonal video wall is 8-feet wide by 4.5-feet tall. That’s about the same size as a 2x2 LCD video wall. 

    So now, we have a venue where the distance from the front of the reception desk to the wall behind it might be only 5-feet or so. Sure, many people will view it from further back, but they could be viewing it as close as 5-feet. So, we’ll divide 5 by 3 to get 1.67mm pixel-pitch. Here at the reception desk, there is a ton of ambient light from the big windows and open concept overhead lighting. This makes it perfect for Direct-View LED. 

    MissionViewTM HDI-1.6-008-004 which is a 1.6mm, 110” diagonal 16:9 Direct-View LED video wall kit. Again, this comes with everything you need except power and CAT5 cable run to the equipment location. The easy-to-understand instructions make it a simple install and MIssion View's LED technician will be on-site to set up the controller, calibrate and commission the video wall at the time of installation. 

    These 3.8mm and 1.6mm Mission View Direct-View LED video wall kits are in-stock at Starin, crated and awaiting delivery by truck. They are priced at a very competitive number, so I highly doubt you’ll find any similar solution for lower cost. 

    This kit is also appropriate for security control rooms, small command centers and for control rooms in transportation, public service, and utility companies. 

    It is both a cost-effective plan to recommend this turnkey kitted solution where a 110” display wall is appropriate. Likewise, when a larger-sized display wall is needed, Starin offers Neoti Direct-View LED video wall solutions for any size and pixel pitch. There’s no need to have a customer wait for a shipment from China when Starin has this product in-stock and ready to go in Indiana. 

    As we get into the house of worship season, Direct-View LED takes the center stage for display solutions.  

    For more information or a quote, please fill out the form below.


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