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Case Study | Video Mixing With RGB Link in Houses of Worship

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It’s Sunday morning.  The band is playing; the audience’s hands are raised in praise as they focus on the altar. Two large projection screens flank each side, displaying the beautiful lyrics being sung by the congregation.  The music swells into a solo, and the screens fade from lyrics to live video of the band, and then to the pastor as he approaches the center stage.  As the music falls into an enchanting lull, the full stage image transitions to a close up of the pastor as he leads everyone in prayer and then launches into his sermon.  As he recites sacred scripture, the verses appear left and right on the screens, allowing everyone to stay focused while following along, captivated by the truth of the words inspired by the Holy Spirit so many years ago. 

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The most amazing thing is that these people aren’t standing inside the latest mega church or at home in their living room watching one on TV.  They are with your community at your church as it delivers a professional grade video presentation of your service via the M1HDMI from RGB Link. 

The M1HDMI is an easy and intuitive video mixer and scaler that allows you to manage camera feeds, connected PCs and Blu-Ray Players to create a professional level service no matter the skill level of your operator or the budget of your church. 

Churches face two main challenges when it comes to audio video.   

The first is ease of use.  Whether your technical staff is eager volunteers with a simple grasp of audio and video or made up of experienced sound and video board operators, the M1HDMI is for you. 

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The M1HDMI has four separate HDMI inputs to connect your video devices.  Imagine a connected PC feeding the congregation lyrics and scripture, two cameras feeding 2 distinct views of the church and congregation, and perhaps a Blu-Ray player to add in professionally recorded content like an excerpt from The Passion of the Christ on Easter, all being controlled by a single operator to create a seamless, pristine video experience on your video wall or projectors in the church or even used to stream your service online. 

The M1HDMI is packed with features easily activated by intuitive buttons, an onboard LCD screen and a T-bar fader to control the speed of the transitions between content.  Adding a preview monitor allows the board operator to preview up to two sources to choose what content will be going live next on the screen, assuring that cameras are in the correct position or that the appropriate music or scripture based content is ready to be displayed before it goes live during the service. 

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The second challenge is typically cost.  Frivolous investments in technology that can quickly become obsolete is not easy to justify. 

The M1 platform has options to best suit your environment as it is today without triggering costly upgrades of every other device in the church, and because it offers a modular, upgradeable platform, you can always update the system as your equipment changes over time, making it a smart investment long term. 

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