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Case Study | Sysco Foods in Cypress, Tx Headline

Case Study | Sysco Foods in Cypress, Texas

Case Study | Sysco Foods in Cypress, Tx Body


Case Study

When Sysco Foods needed to upgrade their Shared Services offices in Cypress Texas they turned to Vivitek projectors for the Town Hall space in the building. The main goal of the upgrade was to help employees better collaborate internally and with the Sysco HQ in Houston by creating a highly flexible and multi-faceted AV system that was still easy-to-use.

With the Push of a Button

The focal point of this project is a massive, multipurpose town hall space outfitted with multiple Da-Lite screens, Vivitek projectors, automated window curtains and podiums all fully operational via touch panels installed in key locations. This space holds important events such as industry conferences, the CEO’s company addresses and their annual holiday party. In addition, they also updated their conference rooms, cafeteria, and training rooms with LG Displays and additional conferencing hardware.

Turning Colossal Into Communal

With over 170 facilities and 400,000 clients, Sysco Foods easily classifies as a Fortune 500 corporation, yet they have always stressed the importance of community for their employees. Thus, the challenge was to design a system that would make every office feel familiar, every meeting feels intimate (even remote meetings) and every employee feels like part of the conversation.

Five Star Rating

Sysco Foods now hosts a system that is fully compatible and connectable to anywhere in their company, which is a huge advantage in the fast-paced world of shared services. Company leaders have already been able to hold meetings with hundreds of participants and communicate from top to bottom in an effective way.

Gear List

5 Vivitek Laser Projectors

50+ Revolabs Microphones

LG Displays

Multiple Da-Lite 123” & 164“ Screens

Crestron Control System

Cisco Videoconferencing Equipment

100+ JBL Speakers


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