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Eight Ways LG Display Technology is a Campus Game Changer

With incredible contrast ratios, vibrant colors, and brightness levels several times that of LCD display technology, Direct View LED displays command attention with edge to edge width and ultra-thin bezels. Take a look at LG's 8 top placement opportunities for this...

LG Maximizing Opportunities in the Education Market

As a reseller or systems integrator, when you recommend a comprehensive digital signage solution for an educational facility you have four audiences to consider: Students, Teachers, School Administrators, and IT Directors. Each has a different goal, but all can...

Clay’s Corner | Adaptive Displays LED Message Centers – Part 1

This is the first installment in a four-part series of articles to help AV professionals take advantage of the opportunities in providing LED Message Centers to your ProAV customers.  LED Message Centers are displays that offer the ability to show graphics, text, and...

Clay’s Corner: 4K AV Switcher’s In Today’s World

Clay Stahlka CTS-D Some of us will remember when we carried a Nokia phone and when companies like Nortel owned the business phone market with sales in the billions. Today, Nortel is bankrupt, and Nokia sold off their money-losing phone division to Microsoft. While the...

Clay’s Corner. What Are We Looking for in a Video Wall Controller? (Part Two)

In the first part of this series, we learned to understand why video wall controllers are such an important part of designing any video wall project, be they LCD displays, projectors or direct-view LED. Today, we’ll pick-up where we left off, by examining the most...

Clay’s Corner. What Are We Looking for in a Video Wall Controller?

This is a question that is asked almost daily. When I ask questions about the project, I learn that even the most basic understanding of the capabilities of video wall controllers is absent. This is clearly not because the designer is misunderstanding the application,...

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Our business with Starin has increased dramatically in the past several years. Their service is outstanding. Return emails and phone calls are always prompt. Creating relationships is so important for business in the 21st century and this is a real challenge with many AV distributors. Not so with Starin. They have invested in quality internal people [Chase Bernhardt], that are interested in more than just taking our order, as well as employees [Greg Mack] that will visit our office and offer product demo’s and staff training as needed. We can only support and service our customers, as well as the manufacturers and distributors, support us and Starin understands the importance of this process in the sales cycle

Scott Wright

President and Co-Owner, Lifeline Audio Video

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