Datapath Quant is designed for any business looking for more enhanced collaboration experiences. This intuitive software provides instant connectivity and full interactivity with shared applications. It enables users from multiple workstations to collaborate by sharing application windows, interact with them, and make instant changes to source files.

Quant enables you to share numerous application windows with other peers within a group, including those running video walls.

You have full control to decide what to share, with whom to share and what permissions are given. The interaction with shared application windows can still be made even without the file software on your own computer.

Application windows can be simply shared using a dedicated Quant icon or the drag and drop curtain. Real-time interactivity with the same application window means changes are seen as they happen.

How Quant Works

How Datapath Quant Works
Share Sharing can be initiated directly from an application window. Users can choose to send an application window for collaboration purposes. The user can decide who is to receive it and what they are allowed to do.

Sending files and snapshots Quant enables users to send a copy of an entire file or an image snapshot of an application window to another user without emailing.

Multiple users editing one source with priority control Quant allows multiple users to edit a shared application simultaneously. The owner of the application will always have priority over everyone else – and can change the setting at any given time.

Forward sharing, and user rights The application owner can set collaboration permissions for each application that is shared through Quant. For each user, the owner can determine if the user is allowed to edit the application and if the sharing can be forwarded to a third user.

Dropping applications on to the navigation curtain Users can expand a Quant navigation curtain located on the desktop to access and share application windows. Simple drag and drop functionality means that a user only needs to drag an application over the navigation curtain in order to share it with another user and/or video wall.

Quant inbox Collaboration and sharing invitations is received in a Quant inbox that the user can accept or reject. This option also gives the opportunity to include a message with the invitation.

Predefined applications Quant includes the option to add predefined web applications and video for easy access including predefined settings such as size, location on desktop and edit rights.

Peer To Peer Networking

Quant uses a peer-to-peer networking model which makes collaboration possible without the cloud. This means all communication stays behind the company firewall and allow the clients to collaborate directly i.e. without any traffic going through a central server. The software uses TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) as connection and data encryption protocol.

Datapath Quant, Patented Technology

Quant is innovation at its core. The underpinning architecture is based on several patents and several more pending applications.