Your client just said, “I want a video wall.”

Does that statement simultaneously fill you with excitement and dread? After all, what AVGeekman wouldn’t think video walls are the epitome of cool? But, as much as you might desperately want to quote the project, you know it might not be practical.

Designing and quoting it alone will take days. What displays will you use? How will you mount them? What will you control the wall with? Does it need to be touch enabled? Even once you have sorted all of that out, you aren’t even close to done. With complex jobs like these, the devil is in the details; cables, bolts, power conditioners, cable ties, the list goes on. And when you are finally through with all of that, you’ll need to shop around with multiple vendors for the right prices so your quote is sure to be competitive.

That squares away the materials side of the equation. How about time? Video walls are complex, tedious installs for even the most experienced crews. It’s not all that often your technicians install video walls, so there are bound to be some “learning experiences” along the way. Labor costs could add up quick.

By now your head is spinning and you are thinking your time is probably more wisely spent working on quotes for jobs you and your crew can do in your sleep. But then you remember, you have Starin Visualization Stations to help you save time on the front end and the back end of the job! You quickly look up the info for the 2x2 wall with a single source and start to rethink things. Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.

The 2X2WALL package really has everything, right on down the bolts. Could it really be possible that you can get everything you need by ordering one SKU from one vendor? Is it too good to be true that the equipment will come with detailed instructions to guide your technicians through the installation process? Nope. This is for legit. Your initial apprehension is gone. You’ll be able to crank out a quote in no time. Your crew won’t be wasting time on trial and error. This is how you win with walls in the middle marke

And just like that, you’re seeing dollar signs, and you decide, right then and there, it’s time to get into the wall business.

Need the wall on a cart or suspended from the ceiling? Need it to be touch enabled? Need 2x3 instead of 2x2? We have a solution for all those needs. Download the Visualization Station™ guide here.