One of the benefits of working with a diverse clientele in a rapidly growing and changing industry is seeing the big picture of what is happening in the world of digital communications.  Not only seeing it, but understanding it — and even being a part of making it happen.

Starin’s Unique Perspective:

Because we, at Starin, work with manufacturers and brands, as well as resellers and end-users, we have a unique perspective in the marketplace. The relationships we’ve built over the years, and the layers of industry experience and product knowledge we’ve accumulated, have given us the vantage point of being able to really see what’s happening and anticipate changes that end up affecting our partners.  As a relatively small business, we have agility to respond in timely, innovative ways.

A New Level of Dynamic Large-Format Collaboration:

In just the past five years, we’ve seen the whole world of digital communications explode, resulting in a quick evolution of how people work together. Perhaps driven by the advances in mobility, accessibility, shared responsibilities and demands for speed, we are seeing more businesses put an emphasis on working together as teams. Organizations are finding talent to fill needed competencies in many far-flung places. Ironic as it is, the more decentralized the workforce becomes, the more people are working together as teams. Hubs and lounges are replacing cubicles to accommodate the mobile worker and open team participation. The workplace is wherever, whenever, all of the time. What used to be a maze of endless meetings and slow-moving projects has evolved into a whole new level of dynamic collaboration.

Being able to collect and get team members to visualize ideas from a wide range of sources or data points is now mission critical.  Capturing an ongoing record of the evolution of a project is freeing people up to be more creative and visionary. Above all it is making them highly cognizant of the group developments.  There are endless possibilities for teams to creatively and effectively present information. You can touch it, see it, change it, and rearrange it however and whenever you choose. Things like project management and getting approvals on revisions are getting simplified compared to how we use to do things not that long ago.

The Visualization Experience:

The first phase of the collaboration revolution happened in small, intimate huddle spaces placed near workgroups.These coincided with the rise of video conferencing software and Unified Communications platforms. The result has been a tendency to push for quick reporting and decision-making without the critical thinking that might be required. This immediacy, simplification of meeting structure, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from being agile and decisive often results in brushing over issues that really need further analysis and strategic evaluation.

Decision makers are realizing that when it comes to developing strategies and organizing and initiating new projects, a deeper, more critical level of thought and communication is required.  The necessity of addressing sensitive and strategic issues in a more focused way is creating a new phenomenon — the emergence of a new level of collaboration.   At Starin, we refer to this as, “Wide and Deep Visualization.”  It still involves collaboration, but goes above and beyond it.

Visualization is collaboration with greater clarity, more real-time and deeper resources than the broad generalities and assumptions that often result from an over-simplified big picture viewpoint. Visualization involves a lot more than creating and delivering a great presentation. It is more about the PROCESS of collecting and utilizing critical information. It’s an EXPERIENCE —an experience that leads to innovation.

The Visualization experience encompasses viewing multiple layers of information and using a variety of methods that encourage thoughtful participation — such as white-boarding, mind-mapping, pin-ups, and action iteming — and creating an environment that encourages a higher level of imaginative thinking. If mobility, instant access to info, faster decisions and involved learning is driving digital collaboration, then metrics of performance and progress with cloud virtualization will give collaboration booster rockets into a new realm: the realm of Visualization.

In anticipation of this emerging movement of large screen, multi-screen and complete wall visualization experiences, Starin is introducing: “Visualization StationsTM,” collaboration solutions that involve the bundling or products, outfitting systems that meet specific needs of what strategic activities will go on in the space.

Introducing NovoTouch — The Big Picture, Within Your Reach.

What do you need to form having a big picture canvass for sharing? As a foundational element of our Visualization Stations initiative, Starin is introducing the NovoTouch by Vivitek. Being able to touch and interact on a slate as big as 98” gives you a commanding ability. Yet do not mistake it for a mere interactive touch screen. When you look further at the intuitive icons, there is wireless sharing, apps of business tools and unified platform remote site connectivity, and more. Of course, the resolution is 4K to allow for greater clarity of multiple sources being shown. A large room of people can actually see the screen detail from some distance with the 98”, yet there are also 86”, 75” and 65” to accommodate any room or group sizes, to allow you to populate all parts of your enterprise for continuity, including the huddle space.

Everyone can be involved via their own devices. Compatible with every smart device from PC, Mac, iOS, Google Chromebook or Android, the NovoTouch  allows up to 64 people to show their screens to share four participants simultaneously. And you can control the shared computer from the touch screen once showing. To amp-up the Visualization, you can have multiple NovoTouch screens across a room panorama to then swipe to move. You can also collaborate by way of third party connections like Skype, Zoom, Go-to-Meeting, Spark or any software service.

This technology is changing the way things get done.  By giving more space to visualize, ideate, examine, identify, mark-up, modify, magnify, analyze, alter, adapt, group-together, symbolize and so on, people are freed up to think more creatively.  New ideas emerge. Now a team can see the big picture, and in the literal sense and in the system-thinking perspective.

The NovoTouch-based Visualization Stations allow for post-it notation, annotation and on-screen revisions of shared project files, so users can share mark-ups and visualized snapshots with all involved, present or not, in-room or remote. The entire evolution of a project is captured and saved to the Cloud, so everything is within reach — all of the background information and ideas behind the project are at the team’s fingertips, archived for retrieval.

Visualization Stations can go beyond simple screen-sharing today. They’re really media hubs for on-line interactive content.

NovoTouch is an all-in-one solution. It also happens to be the most affordable product of its kind on the market, making it within financial reach as well for many more customers. NovoTouch is manufactured by Vivitek, a leading manufacturer of visual display and presentation products, which is a brand of Taiwan-based and globally marketed electronics manufacturer, Delta Electronics.

The big and wide picture

When you want to create a very large wall with a seamless canvas of visualization, then there additional high impact packages available. In this case, the independent multiple screens now are a set of near- seamless edge panels to become one large contiguous surface.

Positioning Visualization Stations in your organization
Here is where we will illustrate specific uses of Big Picture environments.


  • The 3 screen layer logic for a planning team with ideation ballooning, action iteming, workflow drawing and other references shown
  • A dual 98” screen for mega executive drill-down financial reporting
  • A design team of CAD renderings on 86”
  • A project management team of Agile buckets, Whiteboarding and assignments
  • A production team looking at a real-time production set of metics on a 2x3 wall configuration and having a side NovoTouch mark-up board.
  • An executive suite sidebar to desk for 2-3 person drawing/drafting.
  • Same with lawyer reviewing multiple legal docs
    (This needs to be further defined by market development.)

Creating a Synergy that Fosters Innovative Solutions:

Starin Marketing’s Mission Statement, ‘Making the job of the communications professional easier and more profitable,’ is what drives our efforts. It involves a lot more than just moving products; it’s also about the customer journey. It’s the whole road a product takes — from development to marketing to creating demand. We actually partner with resellers and help facilitate what they’re doing with their business. We also work with manufacturers to develop solutions to bring new brands to the marketplace. It’s about creating a synergy that fosters innovative solutions in the marketplace. Whether our customer is a manufacturer, brand or reseller, we are there through the whole process, offering support and guidance.

As an employee-owned company, the people at Starin think differently.  Starin’s Visualization Stations Collaboration Solutions initiative is a mindset.  It is Starin in action, living by our guiding principle of delivering the exceptional.  It is going above and beyond what others can begin to offer — to make our clients’  communications efforts more effective, and their jobs easier.  It is about seeing the big picture.  And, it is within your reach.