What do you do when you are asked to provide clear audio conferencing for the executive team of a company?  How do you solve noise challenges in an executive conference room where form didn’t meet function? You know the ones, where the interior designer chose clean lines, hard surfaces and added no materials with absorptive qualities to aid in controlling sound?

The solution – install ClearOne’s beamforming microphone which moves cabling and microphone devices from the table to the ceiling.  With the beamforming microphone, you get the benefit of having multiple steerable microphones that can pick up the executive team with ease. 

Combine the beamforming microphones with the unmatched HDConference Audio technology with the ClearOne Converge Pro 840T and you have a solution that will impress even the toughest client.

The Converge Pro 840T will provide full bandwidth acoustical echo cancellation to keep the audio clear of any reverberation or anomalies.  The Converge Pro 840T will also provide you with a built-in telephone interface and a 10 watt amplifier.