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Synergy Center is your source for all things Pro AV. Whether you are seasoned integrator, AV dealer, IT Professional, House Of Worship AV Director… Synergy Center has you covered.

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Headware vs Hardware: Digital Collaboration in the Classroom

There was a time in the not-so-distant-past where technology was trying to keep up with what was happening in the schools.

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Welcome to the World of Layer Logic

We’ve all been through the On-screen Collaboration Product Revolution.  We all understand how collaborative screen-sharing works.  It’s really cool, and easy.  Sales throughout the world can attest to our acceptance of this technology. We’ve also lived...

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NovoAssurED Learning Program?

The NovoAssurED Program mission is to provide teachers with easy-to-use superior technology and the support resources to provide their students with an engaging, digital learning experience.

The NovoAssurED Program consists of 4 key tools:

NovoPro Wireless Streaming Device

NovoTeach Software 

NovoCommons Online Community and Resources

NovoPassport Online Professional Development Portal